Micro-projects in the final stage | Report from Chișinău

19-11-2020 | Alexandru Bejenaru

On the 19th November 2020, in Chișinău took place the second online seminar of the participants from the Republic of Moldova in the Digital Project «Measuring Ghettos: Grodno – Cernăuți – Chişinău». During the seminar, the students presented the final products of their three micro-projects. The achieved results of the young participants were appreciated by Galina Corman, the project coordinator, and Galina Cargher, the director of the International Center of Training and Professional Development.

The level of presentations made by the three groups were appreciated as being very high. The first group presented a video material about the Chișinău Ghetto, in which were included the map of the Ghetto on the nowadays territory of the Moldavian capital, video fragments of the urban landscape filmed with a drone, the results of the questionnaire with the passers-by in Chișinău and many other details. The second group also showed their own video material – «Stories from the Ghetto», in which a special attention was brought upon the events around the Chișinău Ghetto and the memories of the survivors and the witnesses of this tragedy. In the end, the third group presented the results of their efforts in the creation of the micro-project about «Stolpersteins» [Stumbling blocks] installed Chișinău.

The students received high appreciations of their micro-projects. At the same time, they also listened to many recommendations from the experts about some aspects of their works, such as the structure and the length of their final products and videos. Having written down with care all observations and pieces of advice, the young participants expressed their confidence, that they would manage to clarify the last details of their micro-projects, waiting impatiently for the moment of presenting the micro-projects to their colleagues from Ukraine and Belarus.