International networking between participants | Report from Chernivtsi

09-11-2020 | Tetiana Mihaiesi

During the meetings with the participants from Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, we were able to stimulate a considerable discussion concerning our projects. Even though we were not able to get acquainted in real life, online discussions have also proved to be very helpful. It is a great opportunity to share on our experience and the progress we are making along the project.

All of the students, regardless the distance, their origins and different majors, have one aim: creating a project which would be eye-opening in terms of Jewish history in our countries, and later on will be used as a base for students who are also eager to learn more about the ghettos in their country. It is not an easy job, and that is why mutual support and help between groups are of great value. When discussing the problems which were faced, how we found a solution or giving some advice when the group cannot find one, we develop our project in a right way.

Also, what was of great interest for me is the similarities we had between our projects. They concern the reaction of people, namely how well they know about ghetto. Most of the people, for example in Chernivtsi and Kishinev, had a very little notion of this term, and if they did, they were mostly people of an older generation. It once again proves the importance of our project and how it may raise awareness of this crucial topic among youngsters.

We discussed the following aspects:

  1. The progress of our project: on what phase of the project we are at the moment.
  2. Difficulties that were encountered, or if no difficulties were encountered.
  3. How to find solutions to problems we share.
  4. Sharing knowledge on the situation of ghetto among countries.
  5. Our impressions from the project.

Online discussions among peers are an essential part of the project, as they help to look at the project from a different angle, maybe notice some new worthy perspectives, not to mention the possibility to compare our results and share on our experience. It makes us one big team.