Grodno ghettos in infographics

Authors of the project: Lizaveta Zaitsava, Marya Hamanchuk, Katsiaryna Dzedushkina, Palina Simak

Infographics are an easy way to describe a complex problem. The goal of the project is to draw Grodno residents’ attention to the Holocaust and motivate them to undertake independent, in-depth study of this painful chapter in the history of our town. These infographics were created to help schoolteachers, museum workers and ordinary citizens. Just print them as a postcard or poster and feel free to use them as handouts in a history or social studies class, or as a stand in a museum.

Please note that each infographic can be an independent stand/poster or can be used as a single block.

We thank Aliaksandr Radziuk, Volha Hancharuk, Aliaksei Shota, Iryna Novik, Ina Sorkina, Yauhen Kolodin, Krystsina Marchuk and for their help.